Access Control System

Access Control System is the primary point of Security measure can be opted in any major companies, factories or any industries with more than 25 pax. Access Control systems acts as Attendance Tracker, Time Management system along with its main feature of security management.

There are different varieties of Access Control Systems now a days in market with varying features like Biometric Readers, RFID Card Readers, Face detectors, Voice Detectors, Pupil readers. Depending on technology opted for featured devices vary,

All of the Access control Systems will be equipped with Electro Magnetic Locks which will be activated and given access only on the input of proper Authentication Method. Although one can opt the ACS without lock if intended to only track the time and entry logging.

Eye IT Services provides all major kind of Access control System for your infrastructure by enabling you to reliably managed Entry Logs of your employees o frequent visitors by issuing the authenticators. Also manage Employee time sheets, Attendances, track Overtime, early leavers, and frequent bunkers, out office roamers.

We also provide latest ACS which also connects directly to your payroll system and HR systems to manage the Employee data and release the salaries effectively and accurately on time with all the proofs to support your decision on deductions or bonuses.

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