Annual Maintenance Service

Maintenance is an integral part of successful business. Call it any industry roper maintenance of assets will give you the right productivity for the investment you made. Which is the key of effective time management to reach your goal at an estimated time frame with less hurdles,

Yes of course any machinery, any gadgets, any digital equipment’s for that matter even human body needs timely basis maintenance to keep up with the up going performance cliché.  To minimize the failure effects it’s always better have preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance can protect you from major break down of IT infrastructure which may straightly affect your core business ending up delay in delivery. Annual Maintenance Contract hence introduced to take care of such a loss by keeping a regular checkup of IT setup and taking the necessary actions to overcome the possible failure.

Things out of hand are still exists to make such disasters occur, even though there is maintenance made, yes contract covers up such disasters immediately to patch up the loss. With the contract you save finding the solution at the time of disaster, instead keeping the solution ready to face whatever come.

That’s the power of Maintenance contract advancing over the full time IT Employee who may go sick for a week or on an emergency leave, even worst he may quite the job without notice. Yes there are times you suffer in between of a new recruitment takes place. Whereas AMC keeps eye on these bottlenecks and be available any time with multiple resources.

Eye IT services can offer an incomparable Annual Maintenance Contract with highly motive, educated and dedicated pool of on field Engineers to support your break down. Our contract structures offers you flexibility to test our quality by taking up minor packages.

Our AMC terms are simple and transparent. Add your IT asset in the contract and get complete comprehensive and non-comprehensive support (Depending on type of Contract opted) any day within 3 hours of turnaround duration.  Add any new IT assets in the middle of contract on prorate basis.

Types of Maintenance Contracts we offer.

Comprehensive AMC:

  • Covers IT assets maintenance with existing configuration and software setup. Including replacement of internal components to make it correct in the period of contract.
  • For period of 1 year, with 2 installments of advance payments.

Non Comprehensive AMC;

  • Maintains all existing IT assets with supplied configuration and software setups. Does not includes replacement of components. Replaced components are chargeable.
  • For period of 1 year, with 2 installments of advance payments.

Monthly Maintenance Contracts:

  • Featuring the same terms of Non-Comprehensive AMC with a difference in payment options.
  • Monthly advance payments with an MOU of 1 year service agreement.sales&Service

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