Networking Services

Computer networking or Local area networking is an integral part of IT planning for any new office setup or commercial establishment call it a superstore, real estate office, customer care center, photo studio, brokerage center, auditing office.

 As IT is an integral part of all business nowadays, Networking is an integral part of IT. Very primary thing to look at before starting interior works sooner you finalize the commercial spot or home office is networking which will be very effective method of increased performance and secured infrastructure.

 Networking service includes laying the CAT cable, installing switch, terminating RJ45 connectors and jacks, configuring routers, configuring firewalls, file sharing configuration, central file storage management, printer sharing and more in depth to information packets.

Eye IT services is expertized in this area of services with proper planning and accurate data transfer calculation for better performance. We dedicate specifically expertized separate resources for laying cables, terminating cables and configuring end devices. Which gives the accuracy at its best.

Our networking service starts from requirement gathering, current office strength, future expansion plans, prospecting IT usage at the location, possible service offerings from the company and required security level which capacities us to lay the proper plan.

With the proper network planning as the base cables will be laid and terminated with best quality materials for long lasting life and will be configured up to the point of ready to use and also the work we delivered by us will be maintained effectively.

Office Network Setup

  • Domain Setup with Active Directory

Setup domain network with active directory for ease of user management, hold roaming profile for repeated system changing scenario. Control user access with customized group policies. Divide employee’s team wise/project wise/department wise. Set separate rules for every team/department.

  • Employee Monitoring

Open Source and Paid application installation and demo with live screen monitoring, interval screen shot capturing, website access with url and time spent, graphical representation of application wise activities, most time consumed activity on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Restricting user access remotely from particular url or application anytime. Monitor employee’s every system activity without his awareness. Log employees every keystroke.

  • Network traffic management

Have local cache serving with redirected proxy connection with ability to serve once downloaded content for repeated access instead downloading each time and consuming more bandwidth. Make availability of dedicated bandwidth to newly requested path.

  • Website Blocking

Restrict users in LAN to access unwanted url’s  (eg : facebook, gmail, flipkart) using keywords or url. Allow users to only few websites restricting all other internet access by defining url (eg :

  • History Tracking

Track user internet browsing history for all time including download history remotely or locally without employee’s knowledge. Combine complete network internet access log, generate reports based on most accessed to least accessed website.

  • Live Monitor/Screen shots of user PC

Remotely keep watching your employees screen sitting in cabin without his knowledge. Track each mouse click and key in with all application history logging into remote computer. Also store screen shots of activities for future reference and evidence on scheduled interval basis.

  • Centralized Management of all Network PC’s

Take over any system in the network at any time for support or analysis. Access remotely with admin access with/without user visibility.

  • Firewall Setup for Anti Malware and Spam traffic.

Setup software based all time running firewall with dedicated low end PC with open source Security Operating System. Restrict unwanted packets flowing to/from in the network. Work as Security at gate allowing only requested and genuine packets. Best malware and phishing attack protection.

  • Application Blockage

Restrict any user with particular application access (eg : excel, chrome) on time basis or permanently. Get logs when blocked applications opening attempts made.

  • Time based internet access restriction.

Restrict any particular URL access on timely basis like allow Facebook only in lunch time. Do not allow online shopping in office timings like (9 to 5). Allow complete internet access on weekend, restrict all and allow only few on weekday.

  • In house FTP server for file upload and download

Host FTP server accessible with an url in your own LAN storing all data in your company itself with automated backups and Login based access. Upload and download work related files to keep a central library.

  • File Sharing Servers with automated backups.

PC to PC or Server to PC file sharing with open library access based on IP or hostname with mapped network drive access.

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