Security Solutions

Data Security

  • Scheduled Network Backup

Keep an external storage connected to any of the network PC and backup all other PC’s data into the external hard disk which works as low cost Network Storage. Serve data from centralized server with optimized traffic management which is backed up regularly to an external storage.

  • Scheduled Local Backup

Attach an external or internal hard disk to PC and make it work as a mirror with each and every file stored into main hard disk living a copy on the additional hard disk. Also scheduled file verification by matching file and folders each other.

  • Password protected file

Protect your confidential files inside a locked folder opens only when you enter the password. Also protect individual files with password required to open. 

  • Hiding important files.

Hide any of your VVIMP file like excel sheet with all your banking password behind any of your favorite image. Which never be decrypted by any one uses your PC. Hidden file can be opened only with special software and accessed with encrypted password. 

  • Automated Backup verification system.

On occasion basis verify your data backups. Check the genuinely of the backup image by sample restoring’s.

  • Continuous integration and Repository Management

Have a centralized repository for ever changing documents like source code, excel sheet, graphics source file. Keep tracking the changes and automatically commit changes made step by step on a particular document with changes restoring capability.

 Investigation and Cyber Security

  • Data intrusion detection

Find out who have access to what file in your network, detect any non-permitted access and restrict the access. Find out unwanted save or data deletion in any particular file and prevent it from doing so.

  • Data leak investigation

Track your data flow system, preventing any confidential data transferred from you network to any other devices like visitors laptop, employee pen drive or via mail.

  • Source code theft identification

Protect your hard earned source codes by misused or taken away by any of the employee. Always log all the transaction on source code repository.

  • SPAM mail tracking

Track incoming and outgoing SPAM mails via your internet gateway and make them stop and recorded at your gate.

  • Social engineering awareness and prevention

Collecting company related confidential information via chit chatting in Facebook, hangout or Skype and attacking company network with help of those information’s.

  • Key Logging detections.

Find out any one spying your key strokes, recording all your software by installing any hidden software’s in your PC or network.

  • Steganography detection and preventions.

Detect any hidden installers, Virus sent iin different format and made installed in your PC without your knowledge. And prevent such hidden installations.

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